Serving alcohol in the center

Alcohol Policy

Georgia State University is a dry campus and use of alcohol for any purpose is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Knowles Conference Center Office and granted permission by the university’s president or his/her designee.

How to Request Permission to Serve Alcohol at an On-Campus Event

Persons who would like permission have alcohol served at an on-campus event may seek approval to do so by having the event sponsor complete and route a Request To Serve Alcohol Form to the university’s Office of Legal Affairs.

All applicable departments identified on the request form must indicate their support of the event by signing the request form prior to submission of the document to the Office of Legal Affairs for review.

The request form must be received by the Office of Legal Affairs for consideration no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event. Permission to serve alcohol at an on-campus event, if granted, is conditioned on strict compliance with the requirements of this policy.

Review of Policy Requirements

The student group faculty/staff advisor (if a student organization is hosting the event) or the administrative supervisor of the group (if an university unit/subunit is hosting the event) is responsible for reviewing the provisions of this policy with the sponsoring group prior to the event.

If the event is sponsored by an outside group, then this obligation is the responsibility of the authorized group representative identified on the corresponding Request To Serve Alcohol Form.

All groups are responsible and will be held accountable for reviewing and abiding by the policies and information found on the university’s Code of Conduct site.

Prohibited Events

Events where the alcoholic beverages are the main focal point of the event are prohibited as are any events that contribute to alcohol overindulgence or abuse.

Limit Hours of Service

Service of alcoholic beverages must be discontinued after a reasonable time and any service that exceeds two (2) total hours must cease at least one hour prior to the scheduled end of the event.


Advertising for the event may not include specific reference to the fact that alcoholic beverages will be available.

No Sale of Alcohol on Campus

Because the sale of alcoholic beverages on any property owned or controlled by the university is strictly limited, cash bars at on-campus events are not permitted. Alcoholic beverages at on-campus events may not be paid for by selling tickets for them whether in advance or at the door.

Purchase of Alcohol

No state funds, including student activity fees or other funds maintained in university accounts, may be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Student organization funds self-generated by an organization and maintained in off-campus bank accounts and/or Georgia State University Foundation funds may be used for the purchase of alcohol; provided, this provision may not be construed to allow alcohol for on-campus events to be paid for by selling tickets to the on-campus event, either in advance or at the door.

Sponsorships and Donations from Alcohol Industry

Student groups may not accept sponsorship or donations of alcoholic beverages from persons or entities whose primary focus of business is the manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol products.

Who May Serve Alcoholic Beverages

The group sponsoring the event must use a licensed and insured caterer or TIPS (Training Intervention Procedures for Servers) trained server to serve alcohol at the event and to monitor the consumption of alcohol at the event; provided, there are limited circumstances when the president or his designee may grant university departments permission to serve alcohol without a caterer/TIPS server. The group sponsoring the event is responsible for providing the caterer/TIPS server with a copy of this policy.

The caterer/TIPS server must agree to abide by all of requirements of the policy. No self-service of alcohol is permitted. No pass-service of alcohol is permitted at functions that students or minors may attend. For purposes of this policy, “pass service” shall mean the service of alcohol carried out by catering staff moving about the event facility and pouring or distributing wine or other alcoholic beverages for event attendees.

No Access to Common Source Containers

No common-source containers of alcohol (e.g., kegs, beer balls, champagne/punch fountains, punch bowls, frozen drink machines, etc.) may be used at any function unless there is a licensed caterer or TIPS trained server who is not a member of the sponsoring organization who will have sole access to the containers and will take responsibility for controlling the dispensing of alcoholic beverages in a legal and responsible manner.

Delivery and Removal of Alcohol

The alcohol must be on site with the caterer/TIPS server before the start time of the event (i.e. the caterer must bring the alcohol or the group sponsoring the event must deliver the alcohol to the caterer/TIPS server before the event starts). Alcohol may not be delivered once the event has started and all alcoholic beverages must remain inside the reserved or designated event space during the actual event.

Any alcohol remaining at the end of the event must be removed from the premises by the event sponsor; provided, no alcohol may be released to a person who is visibly intoxicated. In the event there is alcohol remaining at the end of the event and the event sponsor is visibly intoxicated, then the remaining alcohol shall be poured out by the caterer/TIPS server prior to leaving the event facility.

No Underage Drinking

The group sponsoring the event is responsible for taking reasonable steps necessary to prevent underage drinking at the event.

Check Identification

If students or minors may attend the event, then the group sponsoring is responsible for designating persons responsible for checking the IDs of anyone ordering alcohol at the event who appears to be younger than 30 years of age. Persons designated to check IDs may not drink alcohol at the event and questionable forms of identification must be rejected.

Refuse to Admit or Serve Intoxicated Guests

No visibly intoxicated person should be admitted to the event or served alcohol at any function.

Safe Travel

A reasonable effort should be made to arrange a safe trip to and from the sponsored event for all attendees. The sponsoring group should encourage event attendees to have a designed driver who will refrain from drinking and should make taxi information available to event attendees.

Provide Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The group sponsoring the event must provide nonalcoholic beverages available for the duration of the event.

Serve Food

Food must be available for the duration of the alcohol service at the event.

Post Drinking Restriction in Prominent Places

Notices informing event attendees of the legal drinking age must be conspicuously posted at alcohol service locations at events where the event attendees may include students or members of the public who are younger than the legal drinking age.

Restrict Alcoholic Beverages to a Controlled Area

The group sponsoring the event must take reasonable steps to keep alcoholic beverages from being taken outside the predetermined boundaries for the event, to prevent visibly intoxicated persons from entering the event and to prevent persons from leaving the event to drink and then being readmitted to the event.

Arrange for Event Security

Georgia State University Police Officer(s) must be present for any event on campus at which minors may be in attendance or if 75 or more people may attend. The group sponsoring the event is solely responsible for paying the cost of hiring the number of required officers (officers require a four-(4)-hour minimum hire).

At student events where minors may be in attendance, the officer(s) must be uniformed. The number of officers necessary to manage the event will be at the discretion of the director of Georgia State University Police. A greater number of officers may be required at events at which alcohol is to be served for more than two (2) hours.

If event security is required, the officer(s) are to maintain a security presence and to respond to requests for intervention. They will maintain contact with the event sponsor, the event caterer/TIPS server, and event facility staff and are to intervene when circumstances warrant intervention, when there is a duty to act, and as reasonably requested by the event sponsor, caterer or facility staff.

Cancellation for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with the rules set forth in this policy, state law or with the university Alcohol Policy, as applicable, may result in the immediate cancellation of an event but will not release the group sponsoring the event from any and all charges associated with the event. Failure to comply may also result in the loss of on-campus space reservation privileges, university disciplinary proceedings and/or criminal charges.

Any alcohol remaining at an event canceled for noncompliance with the university Alcohol Policy must be disposed of by the caterer/TIPS server before leaving the event facility and no reimbursement or other compensation shall be due to the group sponsoring the event for the alcohol or alcohol service.