Changes and Cancellations

All changes and cancellations of confirmed events must be submitted in writing no later than 7 calendar days prior to the event. Changes or modifications to event or meeting space use or services will be accommodated whenever possible, but not guaranteed.


Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing no later than seven calendar days prior to the event to avoid cancellation fees. Cancellation of event space or services fewer than three days prior to the event may also incur additional fees.

More than Seven Days
Prior to an Event
Within Seven Days
of Event
Within Three Days
of Event
 General Conference
and Meeting Rooms
50 Percent of Room Use and Set-up Fees 75 Percent of Room Use and Set-up Fees 100 Percent of Room Use and Set-up Fees

Changes to Service

Any changes to confirmed use of space or services provided must be received in writing at least two days prior to the event date. Changes as a result of attendance will be accommodated as best as possible, with the exception of catering orders. Adjustment to catering orders will need to be communicated separately to our preferred vendors no later than 7 days prior to the event.

Event Postponement

Postponing or deferring an event to another date is possible if space is available and the rescheduled event occurs within 30 calendar days. Any events that are postponed within the allotted 30-day grace period will have their initial deposit transferred to the new reservation.


Any groups or individuals who are absent and do not cancel their reservation will not receive a refund and will be assessed cancellation fees based on the cancellation fee schedule above (see column Within Three Days of Event in chart).

Inclement Weather

Space in the Knowles Conference Center shall not be held for any group as a “rainy day” option. Deposits or payments made toward use of center space shall not be refunded because of changes in the weather. If inclement weather affects the ability of the conference center to remain open, event postponement or deferment to another date within 30 calendar days will be offered at no additional expense.