The Knowles Conference Center has one preferred caterer, Panther Dining. The Knowles Conference Center Office can provide assistance in selecting menu items and quantities, but all catering orders will be submitted by the client directly.

Once an order is submitted, clients will need to supply the contact name and order number (BEO #) of the service request.

Learn more about Panther Dining>>

Other Catering Services

Other catering services outside of the two preferred vendors may be arranged after approval from the Knowles Conference Center Office. Use of any outside vendor by any College of Law or Georgia State University group will require completion of a Contract Routing Form with the Facilities Use Agreement.

The completed Contract Routing Form and all appendages will need to be submitted to the Knowles Conference Center Office no later than 60 days prior to the event.

  • Note: Coca-Cola products are the only authorized soft-drinks in the Knowles Conference Center and College of Law event spaces.

Non-Catered Food

Non-catered food items are only allowed during College of Law events. Outside food items, either for distribution or consumption within the event space, must be declared at minimum three days prior to the scheduled event in writing to the Knowles Conference Center Office for approval.

No food or beverages are allowed in the Ceremonial Courtroom.